Products & Platforms

At ADAPT, we strongly believe that Industry has to lead the way and partner academic institutions to promote the spirit of innovation. In this regard ADAPT has been funding ‘innovation’ through sponsored research to encourage collaborative development. Our focus remains to convert problems faced by industry into:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Solution Frameworks

ADAPT has successfully built few point solutions based on solution frameworks developed over time through such research & development.


Property & Facility Managers are faced with multi-dimensional challenges of customer satisfaction even as they have to ensure manpower resources, while ensuring assets like HVAC, Generators, etc are used efficiently and effectively.

AEBIS addresses the challenges that modern day Facility Management operations confront. It is a web-enabled Decision Support System that encapsulates industry best practices.

AEBIS Objectives:

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mFreya is an android platform that takes the relationship between customer - retailer - business to the next level. It is capable of managing the complete lifecycle of a distribution channel with retailers as business representatives in the market.

mFreya supports various communication channels like SMS, WEB, USSD, CALL, EMAIL and GPS for various activities that any organization might want to utilize.

It offers all features that can be utilized and configured on the fly and offer instant implementation and rollout in the market.

MFREYA Architecture:

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enTrack is a web enabled solution for measuring and tracking solar power generated from PV based solar power stations. It captures operational data, provides analytic reports for insight of the plant's health, facilitates predictive maintenance and provides dashboard showing a snapshot of the operations. enTrack, acquires the data from the solar plants and transmits the same using Machine-2-Machine Communication over mobile network. Next, it analyzes the transmitted data based on customizable rules to raise alerts. Finally, it displays the analyzed data critical to the health, operations and management of solar plants.


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