Who are we

ADAPT is a boutique consulting & IT services company.

ADAPT firmly believes that with improving technology, changing business models and global business volatility, there is a serious need to innovate in terms of solutions, services and communication.

Accordingly ADAPT has chosen to organize across Four work groups –Consulting Services, Products & platforms, ICT Solutions and Creative Design & Marketing.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services is a pool of contemporary skills, technology& practices primarily led by our domain knowledge and vast experience including advisory consultancy.

Products & Solutions

The Products & Solutions business looks at end-to-end service using either our own Innovations & IPR, alternately we focus on problem solving using contemporary ICT tools.

Creative Design & Marketing

Our Creative Design & Marketing unit focuses in providing Creative Design & Digital marketing service in partnership with specialists from the creative field.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions that can transform businesses to an architecturally sound, simple, high quality, cost effective, and agile organization.

Our Values

Experienced professionals who understand you and can translate your problems to the right solution definitions and provide innovative technology and/or process based solutions

Reliable and working global (onsite and offshore) delivery model

Successful track record in large project implementation and application management, especially in the areas of Cloud platform, on-premise application development and support

Our Key Differentiator

Combining our Domain Knowledge and Technology / Platform Expertise seamlessly in our stations

Our Offerings